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Check out what I found in my new "furnished" apt.......

I almost had a heart attack! (-: The owner hadn't put in allllll the furniture when I signed the contract. I don't know if it was the couch or the fact that he came up with a light fixture to match it that surpristed me the most. The good thing is that I talked with him and he had no problem with my objections and coming up with alternatives.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

An American en Santiago del Estero

I traveled to Santiago del Estero last Monday to visit a gas plant as part of training for my new job. I had to travel by bus from Buenos Aires to a town called Frias and this was my first time to do something like that (The bus ride was 12 hours). I knew that was going to learn a lot during my visit to the plant, but what really surprised me was how much I learned during the bus ride there. I wanted to share a little bit of what I learned with you.

The Top 10 things I learned on the bus ride from Buenos Aires to Frias:

10.Sandwiches de miga aren’t my favorite, especially the triple layers ones; they’re way too bready.
9.Watching 3 horror movies back to back is not a good idea.
8. You need to bring your own toilet paper because there isn’t any in the bathroom.
7.You can get some toilet paper from the driver with a couple of winks and a big smile.
6.If you are traveling overnight, and you are sleeping, it is your responsibility to wake yourself up around the time the bus should be stopping in your destination.
5.It is really embarrassing to be woken up by your new boss at your final destination, especially when you are drooling.
4.The drivers like to crank the air at night and the temperature can drop to Arctic levels, so it is best to remember to bring lots of extra clothing.
3.If you have long hair, you can use it as face protection against the frigid air temperatures.
2.A laptop carrying case is not the best pillow.

And the number one thing that I learned while taking a bus from Buenos Aires to Frias is….

1.Quilmes from a can tastes really good, especially when you are sharing it with your neighbors over interesting conversation. It makes all of the above mentioned things not really matter.