Thursday, June 26, 2008

An interview with Jennifer Leigh Albright

This was a set of questions that was sent out to all the members of my running group in order to get to know one another better. Continue reading to get to know me a little better……

1_What do you consider the height of misery?
That there are millions of people that do not have anything to eat and yet there are people that spend $10,000 for one night in a hotel.

2_ Where would you like to live?
On the moon

3_ What is your idea of happiness on the Earth?
Drinking a beer while sitting on my balcony

4_ What mistakes are you lenient of?
For those that I also make

5_ Your favorite painter?
My great grandmother

6_ Your favorite músician?
The ice cream man at the Lago de Golf

7_ What quality do you like the most in a male?
I’ll answer that outside of family viewing hours.

8_ What quality do you like the most in a female?

9_ What sporting event would you like to see live?
The final of the NBA

10_ Who would you like to be?
Jennifer Leigh Albright

11_ What is the principal feature of your character?
I would ask you that

12_ What virtue do you prefer most?
Sense of humor

13_ What do you appreciate the most about your friends?
That they send me questionnaires in castellano to answer

14_ What is your principal defect?
Not answering any questions seriously

15_ Your dream of happiness?
One night (or two, or three) with Luciano Castro

16_ Who is your favorite historical person?

17_ Your heroines in real life?
My sister, my mother, and my grandmother

18_ Your heroines in fiction?
Wonder Woman, Batwoman

19_ Your heros in real life?
My father, my grandfather

20_ Your heroes in fiction?
Indiana Jones

21_ What would be your worst misfortune?
To have to answer a questionnaire like this each day

22_ Favorite book(s)?
Sula by Toni Morrison

23_ What is your favorite color?
Emerald green

24_ What is your favorite flower?
Any flower that 's a gift

25_ What is your favorite animal?

26_ What birds do you prefer?
Those that don't sing at dawn

27_ Your favorite authors?
Don’t have one

28_ Your favorite poets?
Don’t have one

29_ With what person in history would you most like to sit and have a coffee?
Marilyn Monroe

30_ What do you detest more than anything?
Difficult questions

31_ What person(s) in history do you not like the most?

32_ What natural talent would you like to have?
To speak like a porteña

33_ Who are your sports idols?
Runners who are blind

34_ What is your favorite televisión program?
Lalola, Chappelle’s Show

35_ What is/are your favorite cartoon(s)?
Tom y Jerry

36_ What is your favorite movie?
Don’t have one

37_ In what moment in history would you have like to have lived?
I like to live now

38_ How would you like to die?
Listening to music, drinking wine and having sex (all at the same time)

39_ What is your spiritual state?

40_ What is your motto?
Life is short

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Susan said...

Love it! The moon! I'm gonna try to answer these once Sam goes to sleep.