Friday, September 26, 2008

Have you seen this website?

It’s When I looked at it I thought to myself how much I agree with what it says.

First, I really like the name – Livestrong. No one says livestrong in English, but it is a great name that, in my opinion, successfully gets across a complex message - all in just 10 letters.

Then there is the trademark of the website “Dare to” followed by what they dare you to do: get healty, be active, eat well, find balance, and stay young. The word dare is what I really like here. I think this fits the description of the idea that they are getting across perfectly.

It is so easy to make every excuse in the world why a person is making unhealthy decisions. When it comes down to it, we all make decisions everyday that decide whether or not we are going to Livestrong or whether we are going to take another route.

I do think what they are challenging you to do is difficult, but I think the things that are really worthwhile in life are harder to get and in turn that makes them more valuable.

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