Thursday, September 11, 2008

Top 10 reasons you know you’re almost a porteña…..

10. You think nothing of eating 10-12 oz of meat for dinner – and nothing else.

9. You don’t blink an eye when it’s only September and you’re shopping for a new spring item and they tell you that “No hay stock”.

8. Your point of view has changed from “Uhhhhh, everyone here has a mullet” to “They really rock the mullet here!”

7. You end all your words with “ito” or “ïta” for no particular reason.
“Voy a darte este papelito así que podés recibir tu remerito.”

6. Your shoes match your handbag AND your scarf.

5. You know exactly what bill to pay with in order to get back the most monedas.

4. When you write to your friends back home (in English), you find yourself ending every sentence with an exclamation! Or better yet, two!! Or three!!!

3. When you’re ending that email or letter, you think writing “Best” or “Regards” is just waaaay, waaaay too formal.

2. Instead of talking to people in direct sentences, you pose everything as a question. “¿Querés que nos vemos?”

And the number 1 reason you know you’re almost a porteña is……..

1. You can walk down the sidewalk, type a text message without looking and not step in dog shit because you now have a shit radar on both feet.

I say you are almost a porteña because the fact is you will never be a porteña. But, you just might one day look up and say to yourself, “Wow, I actually feel at home here.”

Te mando besos,


Frank.Sugar&Spice said...

How about you can tell the difference between a 10 cent coin and a 5 cent coin as well as differentiate between the 25 cent coin and the 50 cent coin.

Those took me a while (they are very similar in size).

miss tango said...

You need to add: You know you are almost a porteño(a), is when Susana Gimenez stops freaking you out and you start to think...hmmm she actually looks pretty good!

arielus said...

haahah... the Susana Gimenez post is true :)